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A while back, Chrome stopped allowing me to ‘Like’ other people’s WordPress posts. it opened the WordPress sign-in window, which disappeared and left me hanging.

So I switched to Edge. A lot less memory hogging, and it seemed to work fine. Until today.

When I click the ‘Like’ button on someone’s WordPress post, there is a noticeable delay before the button changes color to indicate I’ve liked the Post. The WordPress sign-in comes and goes so quickly that I can’t see anything but the outline of the box. Most importantly — if I revisit the same post again, it doesn’t show that I liked the post.

Anyone else experiencing this?


Wordpress Problems


I have the same issue when I open a window to a blog post. My workaround that works most of the time is to Like it in the WordPress Reader. Sometimes it doesn’t give me the option to Like a post if someone posts several posts in a row. I can occasionally get around by clicking on their blog.

At other times, I get the dreaded Like is disabled even in the WordPress Reader. I think it’s an intermittent bug that creeps in sometimes. Be nice if some Happiness Engineer in WordPress Land would track it down and fix it.

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