Kirby’s First Thanksgiving

Photo copyright © 2021 by Gerry O’Brien

Among the things we are thankful for today is this little guy. Who is  nowhere near as little as he was 2.5 weeks ago when he first arrived here. If you celebrate, I hope your Thanksgiving is a wonderful one.

Our First Week With Kirby

Photo copyright © 2021 by Gerry O’Brien

Kirby’s first trip to the vet (with us) went well. They seem to adore him and lab results from his (ahem) output were all negative for parasites and other nasty stuff. He’s a good little dog who won’t be so little for long, so I’m determined to take a lot more photos of him when he’s still a baby. Speaking of which, this is the first shot that comes close to capturing just how cute he really is. We definitely lucked out with this puppy.

Meet Kirby, My New Executive Assistant


Photo copyright © 2021 by Gerry O’Brien

Who says you can’t find good help anymore?

After an exhaustive search, I found Kirby, an 8-week old Golden Retriever, and he is terrific. Outgoing, energetic,  curious, tenacious and loves people. Based on his first walk this morning, they love him too.

He started with us yesterday, and we began with the basics: house training, walks, treats, and belly rubs. Not fond of a collar and leash, but nobody’s perfect.

I suspect you’ll be seeing lots of him in the days to come.