Anyone Else Having WordPress Trouble Today?

Since late yesterday, clicking on anyone’s ‘Like’ button doesn’t work, and attempting to do so looks like it’s trying to open the WordPress login panel (I’m already logged in), but the panel closes without letting me login.

And while on my Dashboard, clicking on the bell icon to see comments, followers and likes generates an unending spinning progress wheel.

I’m using Chrome; using other browsers replicates the initial problem with the ‘Like’ button, except that other browsers let me login.




Does it just not let you ‘like’? Or does it like and then unlike immediately? I have faced that issue before where I’ve liked too many posts in a row or too many in a short amount of time. Its a way of them telling you off haha

The Like button doesn’t work, and each time I click it, what appears to be the mini window to sign into WP opens and closes. It happens so fast, none of the content of the login window is visible.

I’ve been having that problem with some sites this week, although it seems slightly a different problem. I can only see their like buttons in the Reader, not if I visit their site directly.

I had the problem you describe before that but fixed it by reading blogs in Firefox. Now the problem seems fixed on Safari. my original browser, too. It might be worth experimenting. Good luck! It is very frustrating when things don’t work as they ought to.

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