She Is Determined

Photo copyright © 2020 by Gerry O’Brien


In California, if you took a picture of somebody’s kid (without asking) you might end up in the hospital. Even if you asked you still might get punched. I enjoy your photographs and your stealthy ability to capture such great images.

The other day, I shared with you my experience at the volley ball court where a couple of the adult female players complained that I was taking pictures. Further down the beach there was a youth volleyball camp that I attempted to photograph, but one of the coaches (who was also the father of one of the kids) halted practice, walked over and invited me to leave.

Even with a 250mm lens, I can’t seem to master the art of street photography. The thing is, people in public spaces do not have any expressed or implied right to privacy. Street photography is not illegal, but proceed with caution.

David, maybe street photography is not for you. There are lots of other kinds of photography. Don’t limit yourself.

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