Polka Dot Bag

Photo copyright © 2018 by Gerry O’Brien


May I ask how you capture images like this? When I’m out in public with my camera people get pretty hostile. I’m discreet, but the camera seems to draw a lot of negative attention.

I am a firm believer that truer images are captured by not making people aware they are being photographed. I often shoot with a 28-300mm lens, so I can be across the street or down the block. And even if I am closer, they can’t be sure what I am focusing on with a lens like that. And I move fast.

I was taking video of a luau at a resort hotel and the fire dancers were performing on a stage up on the lawn. From the beach behind me, an older woman walked up and started yelling at me for taking her picture. I never looked at the beach — never even saw the woman.

Another time, I was taking pictures of a church and a homeless guy got in my face, lunged for my camera, reached for a knife in his pocket and threatened to knock my bike over. He claimed I was taking his picture. No, I was taking pictures of the bell tower.

I find street photography to be rather hazardous.

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